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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  June 29, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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sky7 shows you the scene of a crash in san francisco that happened after police chased a fugitive parolee believed to be armed with an assault rifle. good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm cheryl jennings. there was a brief gun battle, a short car chase and then the crash. it happened in the 1,000 block of gulf street and ellis. parolee was hit. terry mcsweeney joins us with the story. >> i'm right here looking up goff street. on eddie looking up to ellison. in the middle of the block of goff you can see the gray honda four-door, the center of attention. police still swarming this. this has been going on now for three hours.
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taking a look at the car, the suspect was driving. all of this is taking place right in front of sacred heart cathedral college preparatory. this is the summer session. not a lot of students. we are told that there was never any lockdown and no students were threatened. police say officers were tipped that a parolee they had been looking for spot in the a garage out here. police say the suspect violated his parole firing the automatic weapon in the air, in the neighborhood a few days ago. officers considered him arm and dangerous, and when two plain clothes officers identify themselves, the suspect reportedly opened fire. the police fired back. he missed. police did not miss. >> the suspect then crashed, lost control of his vehicle, crashed across the street. medical aid was summoned. he was transported to general hospital. where he is being treated for injuries. on the floorboard of the car is an assault rifle and a
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handgun. >> the suspect's injuries are described as not life threatening. they are not releasing him name. he was wanted or a $75,000 warrant in san francisco. back here on goff street, still closed to traffic. causing all kind of headaches for people coming through this major street. not sure how long investigators are going to be out here. but they are taking their time. as you can see, they just pulled the automatic weapon out of the car. you can see that on the street. just taken out of the floor of that four-door honda. moments ago. now, on the street here on goff. another piece of evidence. officers are going to be staying out here until they have thoroughly gone over this area. again, no officers injured. the suspect taken to the hospital where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. east palo alto police are engaged in a new crackdown on gangs. officers hit the streets this morning, making parole
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and probation sweeps in the wake of the shooting death of a 3-month-old baby. we got to ride along with officers. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us live from police headquarters. >> reporter: the murder of that baby did motivate the sweeps. they are still looking for another suspect in that killing. they say you never know when they are out there looking around in the community, they might get lucky. they might find something. so, police officers spent the morning checking up on suspected gap members who are on parole. they have no reason to believe the people played a role in the murder of the baby. but officers say you never know, someone may know something. and be willing to talk. so they want to get out there on the street. a couple of years ago, officers tell me they did the sweeps at least one a week, letting gang members know they were watching. they say they got busy and put sweeps on the back burner. but, this baby's murder motivated them to do it again. >> we want to send a very clear message to anybody who
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is involved in gangs or associated with gangs. specifically, sorenos that that behavior will not be tolerated. families, people in general, anybody who lives here. visits this city. should be able to drive down the steet. not have to wor abou gunfire. >> reporter: the murder of 3-month-old isaac garcia lopez shocked the community earlier in month. his family's car was shot at in what police believe was a case of mistaken identity. isaac's mother ivan garcia lopez gave a heart-breaking press conference, urging parents to show their kids love or they will find it in gangs on the streets. she was shot in the leg. her husband was shot in the shoulder. their 4-year-old son was okay. police have arrested 17-year-old fabian seragoza for the crime and charging him as an adult. they are looking for another
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suspect. no more sweeps this morning so far but say they expect them to do them regularly. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. san jose police are searching for two men they say kidnapped an elderly woman from the wal-mart parking lot from story road and forced her to withdrawal money from her bank. look at this surveillance photo of one of the suspects who is described as hispanic man in his mid-20s. he speaks spanish fluently. the other man is hispanic man in his 50s, dark complex, 125-150 pounds. police believe the suspects may have been involved in a similar incident in north las vegas on may 25. >> president obama today held his first formal white house news conference since march. he said especially his daughters get their homework done on time. to try to prod congressional leaders to resolving a stalemate over raising the national debt limit. he says raising taxes on oil
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companies and the super wealthy must be part of a deficit reduction plan. abc karen traverse reports. >> reporter: for the first time in over three months, president obama held a formal press conference at the white house. with the american frustrations growing, the president tried to put a positive spin on the struggling economy. >> they weren't created overnight. the truth is our economic challenges are not going to be solved overnight. >> with just weeks to go before the nation reaches its credit limit, the president and congress reached a critical juncture in their effort to work out a deal. the president and vice president sat down on monday at the white house with senate majority leader harry reid and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in separate meetings that the white house described as useful. republicans ruled out any tax increases as a way to bring down the deficit. >> we are hopeful we'd be able to take advantage of the opportunity presented to us by the president's request to raise the debt ceiling. >> reporter: democrats have drawn their own line in the sand.
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no cuts to medicare or social security benefits. the white house maintained confidence that a deal is possible. >> the bottom line is this. any agreement to reduce the deficit will require tough decisions and balanced solutions. >> the news conference ones week after the president said he would begin pulling out troops from afghanistan this summer. with more than 30,000 home by the end of next summer. a new poll found that an overwhelming majority of americans, 72% support the president's afghanistan plan. karen thetra verse, abc news, washington. governor jerry brown is expected to sign the state budget possibly as early as this afternoon. the $86 billion measure passed the legislature last night without republican support. the spending plan includes cut to education, but no new taxes. it will not extend the temporary increase in the state sales tax that will drop by 1% on friday. the coast guard is trying to contain diesel fuel, leaking from a fishing boat that capsized off the san francisco coast early this morning. you can see the stern of the
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boat, still sticking out of the water. it happened around 1:00 a.m. off the coast of the cliffhouse restaurant. the crab fishermen say they had nearly 300 crab pots op board when the load shifted, causing the boat to tip. the coast guard was able to rescue all three me. >> they had survival suits and a life raft. i'm not sure if it automatically deployed or they deployed it themselves but they are lucky. >> the concern now is that as the tide comes in, the boat is drifting toward the golden gate bridge. two coast guard boats are circling the second ship to contain the leak and salvage any property on board. >> the new york man who claims to own a big chunk of facebook hired a new attorney and is due in court tomorrow. he says he has a dock mpt to prove he hired facebook founder mark zuckerberg seven years ago in exchange for seed money. 50% of the facebook idea. zuckerberg says the document is a fraud. both sides are due in
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buffalo, new york, courtroom tomorrow. organization called consumer watchdog filed a complaint with the federal trade commission, accusing facebook of violating anti-trust laws. through the use of the virtual currency system facebook credit. consumer watchdog is targeting the deal between facebook and game developer zengha as another unreasonable restriction on trade. it's behind most of the games played on facebook. it's expected to produce $2 billion in revenue this year. 30% of facebook's 500 million users are in the united states. just ahead, heightened danger in the fight against a major wildfire in new mexico. authorities say it's threatening the premier nuclear weapons laboratory. >> violence between police and protesters in greece. lawmakers vote on a plan to rescue nation from the severe debt crisis. 
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wildfire threatening the los alamos nuclear lab in new mexico is continuing to spread. now covering more than 108 square miles. erratic winds today are complicated firefighting efforts. officials say the effort today is to keep the flames from reaching two canyons that stretch from the mountains in to the community. right now, the fire is only 3% contained. more than 2,000 people are involved in the firefighting efforts. state and federal officials are monitoring the air for radiation and
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chemical matter. >> more conflict and violence on the street of athens greece, as protesters clash with police. they are venting anger over the government passage of grim austerity evidents. we are on the thick of the uprising near parliament. >> it was a close one but it passed. with 155 votes out of 300, the greek parliament today passed a deeply unpopular, $40 billion austerity package that will mean deep spending cuts and higher taxes for greece. >> outside the parliament building, demonstrators made it clear how they felt. widespread clashes for the second day in a row. amid a two-day general strike. riot police were taunted. pelted with rocks, orange smoke grenades and molotov cocktails. they responded with waves of tear gas and stun grenades. most of the protesters clashing with police are anarchist but a good illustration how deeply
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unpopular the government and the proposals are. >> it's not just austerity measures that have infuriated the crowd. a proposed $70 billion of sales of state assets. therefore, railways and gold mines. the measures are necessary for greece to keep getting billions in international bail-out money. crucial to avoid defaulting on the debt. dragging down the european and the global economies. >> you have to take into consideration very sad reality, the greek government is not governing greece anymore. greece is governed by the european union. >> today's vote is the first step in a long and uncertain road to recovery for greece, one that will take years and see more violent days like this one. alex marcourt, abc news, athens. e forecast ogist mike nicco that will heat up quickly. >> definitely, toward the weekend. show you what is going on in the resort for weekend, some
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resorts open but it's barr barren. we have 100s in the possibly back here. we'll talk about in a minute. >> absolutely. other places, look at this. some resorts claim they will have ski and snowboarding. >> a pageant mom goes to extremes to get her daughter the best dresses. %
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there has been an outbreak of noro virus on board a cruise ship that returned to san francisco after a ten-day trip to alaska. the sea princess cruise line says 53 people had symptoms of norovirus in cruise, about 2% of the passengers. the ship is back in san francisco today undergoing sanitization and inspection with the help of the centers for disease criminal and prevention. passengers say the outbreak didn't have a big impact on the trip. >> the service was slowed down a little bit because tourists like me couldn't reach in and pick up a roll. rolls were handed to us with tongs.
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>> the symptoms include mild stomach upset with vomiting that usually lasts between one and three days. a judge prohibited amtrak to damaging or throwing away any potential evidence after five people died friday when a tractor-trailer slammed in the side of it. the request is to preserve all evidence from an amtrak worker on the train who was injured and is suing for negligence. rare summer snow blanketing the peaks around lake tahoe today. here is what it looked like this morning. there is a lush blanket of snow. squall, alpine, sugar wood will be open for skiing and snowboarding in the fourth of july weekend.
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hopefully enough to whet your appetite for the coming season. heavenly plans to run the longest snow tubing skill on the west coast. can you believe it? >> fourth of july. >> a good way to escape heat at home. >> take a look outside to show what is going on now. we go through wednesday morning. we can see the plenty of clouds. every once in a while, it will open up and drophower us. move ondo south y. u ca see some beaks in the cloud cover here. this will keep isolated showers in the forecast. yesterday was historic in the nature, as all of us set record rainfall. for june 28. live doppler7 h.d., quiet. rain in the sierra.
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color coded the pink and white to show wentry mix. snow at the highest peak. mid-#0 in fairfield. low to mid-60s in monterey bay and inland. isolated shower is cooler than average today. morning clouds give way to sunshine and the warming trend will begin tomorrow. away from the coast, heat, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, possibly tuesday. the temperatures will warm over yesterday. we're still below average. oakland, san francisco, six degrees cooler than san jose, napa, redwood city and livermore all 12 to 16 degrees cooler. the low that is pulling away from us. there is a chance that moisture could get wrapped around the backside of it. with the mountains helping
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to lift that and sunshine making the air buoyant. that's why we keep isolated shower in the forecast this afternoon. temperatures in the south bay, 70s. mid-to-upper 60s on the peninsula. head to south bay, los altos is 70. along the coast today, we have the upper 50s with the low 60s around downtown. south san francisco and saucelito. mid-to-upper 60s through the north bay valley. in the east bay, along the shore. we have mid-to-upper 60s here. low to mid-70s east bay. monterey bay. low to upper 60s. around the state, best chance of moisture. 69 in tahoe. 62 in yosemite. some of the cooler air making it to palm springs. head to the a's game no, worries about delays. the clouds are decreasing. so will breezes. 7:05 first pitch. 58 dropping to 53. clouds and fog possible tomorrow.
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drizzle and low to mid-50s. warming trend tomorrow, two to eight degrees warmer. four to eight degrees warmer on friday. heat peaks over the weekend. middle 90s inland. upper 80s near the bay. near 70 at the coast. >> thank you. listen to this. this takes the stage mom to a whole new level. surveillance video from pricy dress boutique in georgia caught this woman throwing gowns in her purse. these are pageant gowns. store worker says she used her daughters as decoys and she stole several dresses worth more than $1,000. >> she would roll up the dress and put it in her bag and then leave the bag here. we have her kids running around, being her eyes for her. >> wow! police believe 37-year-old stole six dresses worth more than $5,000. she is in jail now charged with two counts of theft by shoplifting. and contributing to the
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delinquency of the minor. >> what kind of role model is that? >> sad. >> it is. we have more. including a new bay area start-up company, promises unlimited pass to see the movies and theaters. we'll tell you how it works. 
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coming up on abc7 news at 4:00 and 5:00. some sfo shuttle driver says the airport special streetment of a big name company is driving them out of business. the new documentary showing
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john lennon was not what they thought he was. . if you like netflix, movie pass could be next thing for you. >> this t idea is to allow you to see unlimited number of new releases at the theater for flat fee of $50 a month. >> the service bypasses the box office by using smart phones, rather than paper tickets. lucky for those of you who just movies it's debuting in the bay area. 21 theaters are on board so far. >> if you if to movies a lot, good deal. >> right. >> they're $10. >> popcorn gets you. >> that's true. >> for all of us at abc7 news thank you for joining us. >>
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